Small Town’s History

Feudin’ Families

Many families have fought in Small Town but none come close to the feud between the Boltowitz family and the Scotts family.

The two families have been fighting since 1868 when Great Great Great Grampa Scott accused Great Great Great Grampa Boltowitz of stealing his newspaper from his outhouse. The Scott family says they still feel their ancestor’s pain of mistakenly using Poison Ivy as a toilet paper substitute for the stolen newspaper. The Scotts family retaliated by tipping over The Boltowitz family outhouse while Grampa Boltowitz was in it. Grampa Boltowitz apparently had a heart attack and took months to recover from being in the outhouse while it was being tipped over.

The two families still feud to this day!

The bridge in our town has been here for as long as I can remember.  It’s a little crooked, unsteady and about ready to collapse at any moment, but it’s stood the test of time. Our ancestors knew how to build things that last.

Our bridge has a proud history steeped in safety. Before 1885, when people would get drunk at the local tavern, they would often stumble down the road and accidentally fall into the creek. Well, needless to say, the womenfolk weren’t too happy with cleaning muddy clothes all the time. So, they called a town meeting and demanded that a bridge is put there.

Hour after hour went by, tempers flared … so did nostrils. According to the minutes of that meeting, at one point, Mrs. Thomas Parker even gave a haughty side glance at the Mayor, Mr. Thomas Parker. Mr. Parker recognized his wife’s side glance — wiped the sweat from his brow with his muddy handkerchief– and approved the building of the bridge.

The Small Town bridge