Remembering Anne Bierworth


We at The Small Town Times were deeply saddened by the recent passing of our contributor, Anne Bierworth. Anne was valued as both a team player and a long-time friend. She wrote for The Small Town Times under the pseudonym, Annatooshus Belle.

She grew up in Bancroft, Ontario – a beautiful town in  Eastern Ontario, North of Kingston. That is where I, (Jessie Blair), first met her in Junior High School. I was assigned a seat next to her in English class and we became fast friends. We lost touch for a little while, but Anne contacted my Mom who then put us in touch with each other. When we spoke to each other again, it was as though we never lost touch with each other. I, along with her other friends and family members miss her very much.

Anne had a caring and loving heart. She was a great friend who always took the time to listen and gave thoughtful responses. She was a supporter of animal rights and often spoke out about animal abuse and neglect.

She is dearly missed by everybody.

Hey, I love you, Anne. Please reserve a large table for all of us in the afterlife so we can all enjoy each other’s company again.