The Day the Music Died

At the end of last night’s Line Dancing Social, DJ Hicks made an important announcement. Apparently, Hicks felt dizzy during his set because one of the dancers farted near his booth.  Hicks also claims that he temporarily lost his sense of smell due to the nauseating fumes.

Hicks said, “The smell was more powerful than Farmer Johnson’s liquid fertilizer. I mean, it just permeated everything. I can still smell it on my clothes.”

This reporter asked Hicks why didn’t you just go get some fresh air.

Hicks said, “As a DJ, I can’t leave my booth. I had to stay there – suffering from a proverbial fart cloud surrounding every orifice of my head. I’m asking for some consideration.”

This reporter proceeded to ask some of the attendees if they had seen anyone near the booth last night.  One person did see someone and actually took a photo. It turns out it was Herman, our town’s Yoga Instructor. Here’s the photo:



Herman, Yoga Instructor and foul farter



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