Ikea Coffee Table


Well, I took the Mrs. into Big Town the other day to do some shopping. Her friends have been talking about this Swedish furniture place called Ikea so we thought we’d drop by and see what it was like. The Mrs. fell in love with the place. Tarnation it was big, twice as big as Old Man Kelly’s barn! And it’s filled with all kinds of foreign doo-dads that I ain’t never seen before.

Anyway, we came across some coffee tables that were stuck in with some step ladders. We thought it was strange for Ikea to place coffee tables with step ladders, but it’s hard to keep up with modern life in Big Town these days.

We really like the new coffee table because of its sleek, modern design – and it’s portable! The Mrs. will fill a thermos with coffee, pack a plowman’s lunch and meet me in the field behind the house. She’ll continue to plow and I have the lunch. She’s a wonderful catch!

Our fancy Ikea coffee table


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